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Drive success with fleet intelligence

Unlock the power of vehicle telematics data with Gridline.

Gridline Analytics

Make Data-driven Decisions for Greater Profits

You have no shortage of vehicle telematics data on your fleet. Gridline helps you make sense of it. Transform data into insights, enhance driver and fleet performance, gain the intelligence you need to optimize your business, and chart a course for a more profitable future with the Gridline fleet management solution.

Gridline fleet management solution powered by geotab

Vehicle Telematics

Turn Fleet Data into Profitable Actions

Whether you are just getting started or have been using a fleet management solution for years, Gridline with Geotab solutions can give you not just data, but intelligence you can take advantage of.

Gridline Driver Performance Scorecard

Integrated Scorecard Aggregates Data in One Place

Combine driver fleet efficiency data, such as idle, MPG, and HOS Violations from Geotab telematics, with driver information, such as driver safety data from in-cab camera systems to get a holistic, single-pane view of your driver performance.

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Gridline HOS Protect and HOS Compliance Software

HOS Protect

Stay in Compliance - Protect Your Company and Drivers

Don’t let an accident and Hours of Service violations put your company in legal trouble. Find out how Gridline HOS Protect can protect you in the event of Hours of Service related lawsuit.


Fleet Dash Cams

Optimize Your Fleet's Safety with Video Telematics

Fleet dash cams and video telematics are your most valuable tool for managing driver behavior, reducing accidents, and protecting your business from costly insurance claims. Fleet dash cams solutions empower you to:

Gridline Last Mile Route Analytics

Gridline Last Mile Analytics

Drive Greater Profits with Last Mile Route Analytics

You’ve planned your delivery business carefully. Now, get the help you need analyzing how profitable your plan is and how effectively your drivers executed it. Most GPS and telematics products track dots on a map but can’t deliver the data you need to optimize your distribution business. Gridline Last Mile route analytics software exposes route execution issues and processes to help you improve your delivery operations performance.

Gridline Fleet Management Solution

Gridline is a champion for driver success. Our fleet management solutions empower customers to make faster, smarter business decisions.


Maximize fleet productivity and improve driver performance.


Identify key risk metrics and decrease collision rates.


Don’t let ELD compliance issues run your fleet off the road.


Gridline’s fleet telematics solutions put you in the driver’s seat.


Monitor your EV fleet and analyze your environmental impact.

Gridline Features Graphic

Easily Compare Location, Driver, and Fleet Data

Driver & Location Performance

Analyze Idle, MPG, HOS, and dash cam safety events.

Trendlines & Performance

Identify changes in performance over long periods.

3-Years Data/Training

Targeted Safety and HOS training to identify historical success or failures.

National Average/Goal

Benchmark vehicle and driver performance for goal setting.

Vehicle Performance

MPG, critical engine events, eDVIR by year, make, model, and application.

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Gridline has become our one-stop solution provider for anything that has to do with Fleet Telematics Data.
Right away, we were impressed with Gridline’s versatility and the breadth of their offering. They’re unique in that they provide a vertically integrated platform that lets you connect with multiple providers, such as asset tracking, compliance, and dash cams.

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