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Supercharge Your Telematics Data with Gridline Analytics

Telematics information overload is a real issue.

Gridline Analytics combines your data into a centralized platform for a comprehensive view of your most important business aspects.

Easily Compare Location, Driver, and Fleet Data

Driver & Location Performance

Analyze Idle, MPG, HOS, and dash cam safety events.

Trendlines & Performance

Identify changes in performance over long periods.

3-Years Data/Training

Targeted Safety and HOS training to identify historical success or failures.

National Average/Goal

Benchmark vehicle and driver performance for goal setting.

Vehicle Performance

MPG, critical engine events, eDVIR by year, make, model, and application.

Unlock your fleet’s true potential the Gridline way

Increase productivity with GPS vehicle tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. See real-time location on a map and dispatch the nearest vehicle to a customer. Save time spent on admin with accurate driver start and end times records for payroll.

Combine the power of Geotab with Gridline

Geotab is the global leader in telematics, providing open platform fleet management products.

Gridline maximizes the value of your Geotab implementation.

With a track record of success, Gridline has assisted businesses of all sizes in optimizing the value of Geotab, ensuring your fleet data and needs are continuously aligned, all while empowering you to make faster, smarter business decisions.

Power your safety programs with proactive safety and comprehensive risk management technology

Improve your safety programs with trending, real-time, and predictive data insights to identify your fleet’s riskiest drivers. Understand driver trends such as speeding, harsh braking, seat belt use, and more. Be notified when violations or collisions occur, and deliver in-vehicle coaching to protect your drivers and others on the road.

Don't let compliance issues run your fleet off the road - equip your trucks with certified ELD solutions

Gridline technology gives you intuitive, user-friendly technology you need to eliminate paperwork, delays, and errors from your ELD compliance processes. You can count on our mobile apps to work seamlessly with your existing systems to help you keep your processes moving—and track them carefully so that you can demonstrate due diligence to regulators.

Take a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance and maximize your uptime to reduce your costs

Managing your fleet’s maintenance has never been easier. With remote diagnostics you can easily find more information on engine diagnostics, schedule maintenance reminders, and even run maintenance cost reports, all in one easy to use app. Not just helpful for ensuring your fleet stays on the road without delay, our fleet maintenance solution helps your fleet perform at their peak levels.

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Gridline has become our one-stop solution provider for anything that has to do with Fleet Telematics Data.
Right away, we were impressed with Gridline’s versatility and the breadth of their offering. They’re unique in that they provide a vertically integrated platform that lets you connect with multiple providers, such as asset tracking, compliance, and dash cams.

Turn your fleet data into profitable actions

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