Minimize the Impact of HOS Compliance Audit Issues

You’ve worked too hard building your transportation business to see it negatively impacted by HOS compliance audit issues. You need to protect your drivers and stay in compliance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is watching carefully for hours of service (HOS) violations. Just one at-fault accident accompanied by HOS violations could put your company in serious legal trouble. Gridline HOS Protect is an oversight management tool that can help your drivers and supervisors stay in compliance with HOS rules.

Coach Drivers After Every HOS Compliance Violation

HOS compliance auditIt’s hard enough to coach drivers on HOS violations if you’re running a single distribution center. As your business grows, the challenge only intensifies—especially if you’re managing the process on paper. HOS Protect is a workflow-based tool that helps ensure your supervisors are coaching your drivers after each violation. After an accident, HOS Protect enables you to demonstrate in detail the corrective action you took—increasing the chances you’ll make your best showing in potential HOS compliance litigation. Once you’ve consolidated your HOS compliance audit process in one cloud solution, your decision-makers will retain a 24×7 view of how well your remote terminals are adhering to processes.

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Respond Quickly to Legal Challenges

HOS compliance auditGridline HOS Protect lets you document your actions electronically, store data digitally, and purge data based on regulatory timeframes so that you can easily protect your company in the event of an accident.

Here’s how it works:

  1. All violations flow into the system to ensure nothing is missed.
  2. An automated HOS violation review process lets your supervisors assign reasons and provide an explanation for any driver HOS violation.
  3. The supervisor can easily see all prior explanation reports, making it easy to escalate corrective action for repeated violations by the same driver.
  4. The supervisor submits the electronic form.
  5. The driver receives a mobile alert to review and sign the report.
  6. The supervisor is alerted that the driver has completed the form.
  7. Corporate compliance staff can monitor all supervisor and driver activity.
  8. Built-in analytic reporting tools help you determine a strategy for proactively improving the results of your next HOS compliance audit.
  9. Auditing features help you verify that you’re adhering to HOS regulations.
  10. Files outside of a 6-month retention window are automatically purged.
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Don’t Fall Victim to the ELD Mandate

HOS compliance auditThe ELD Mandate has put pressure on companies like yours to use electronic logging devices (ELD). Parties suing transportation companies that use ELD certainly realize that ELD data may prove damaging in court. Gridline HOS Protect helps you stay one step ahead of the plaintiffs. By documenting the corrective actions you’ve taken and the training you’ve provided, you can build a convincing case that your company is serious about safety as well as the HOS compliance audit process.

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Learn more how Gridline HOS Protect can help minimize HOS compliance audit issues and protect you from litigation.