Don’t let ELD compliance issues run your fleet off the road

Take the headaches out of tracking Hours of Service (HOS). Automate Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and driver identification and reduce the risk of running into ELD compliance issues. Streamline and enhance your compliance processes so you can devote more time and resources to building your business.

Gridline technology gives you the intuitive, user-friendly technology you need to eliminate paperwork, delays, and errors from your ELD compliance processes. You can count on our mobile apps to work seamlessly with your existing systems to help you keep your processes moving—and track them carefully so that you can demonstrate due diligence to regulators.

Eliminate Delays in Your Vehicle Inspection Processes

ELD complianceDon’t waste time looking for paperwork on your defects, tracking down the exact details, and figuring out who repaired them. You can track this information automatically—and produce reports seamlessly.

Gridline’s ELD compliance solution offers an end-to-end inspection workflow that will meet all your Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) needs, pre-trip and post-trip. Your mechanics will automatically receive notifications when repairs are needed. You can also create customized defect lists and print reports from right in the system.

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Prevent Costly HOS Violation Outcomes

ELD complianceYou’ve worked too hard building your business to see it wiped out by a lawsuit. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is watching carefully for hours of service (HOS) violations. Just one at-fault accident accompanied by HOS violations could put your company in serious legal trouble.

Gridline’s ELD compliance solution can help your drivers and supervisors stay in compliance with HOS rules. Because it is workflow based, this technology helps ensure that your supervisors are coaching your drivers after each violation. After an accident, Gridline enables you to demonstrate the corrective action you took—increasing the chances you’ll make your best showing in potential litigation.

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Automate IFTA Reporting

ELD complianceAn essential element of demonstrating ELD compliance is to track data accurately for International Fuel Tax Agreement payments. You can save significant time and frustration by automating IFTA reporting.

Gridline enables you to generate accurate electronic IFTA reports—automatically. By doing so, you eliminate yet another headache from your administrative processes.

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