Plan your path forward with Gridline’s telematics analytics

Gridline Analytics helps you make sense out of big data so you can better guide your fleet operation with strategic decision making. Other GPS or telematics solutions only offer a tactical analysis of what happened yesterday or the week before. Gridline Analytics is a strategic telematics analytics decision-making tool that delivers the insightful analysis you need to plan your company’s future.

Look at your data from a fresh perspective

telematics analyticsYour business needs the benefits of telematics analytics. Gridline Analytics helps you make sense of your telematics big data, letting you look at it from fresh perspectives to gain insightful analysis in support of your most important business decisions.

Most GPS solutions can’t offer anything more than a straightforward analysis of what has already happened—information that arrives too late for you to change your course.
Gridline Analytics is a strategic decision-making tool for tomorrow that gives you the insights you need to increase your company’s safety, efficiency, and profitability.

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Uncover valuable insights

telematics analyticsGridline Analytics analyzes vast amounts of historical information to uncover previously hidden patterns and correlations in your data. These are insights you would otherwise miss using typical analytical tools.

With Gridline Analytics, you can easily compare:

  • Analytics applications that build on the data collected in Geotab to provide deeper insights into your operations.
  • Implement Gridline fleet management software and build the integrations that enable you to get greater insights from your Geotab data.
  • Give your dispatchers and fleet managers one place to log on for all the information they need to monitor and manage your fleet efficiently.
  • Provide managed services that not only troubleshoot non-working equipment, but also help you continuously apply telematics technology and reporting in ways that answer deeper questions about your business and identify unseen needs.
  • Ensure your data stays synchronized as your business evolves. For example, if a vehicle changes location, or as drivers come and go, we can make sure the data is updated in real time to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Offer 24×7 support by professionals who not only understand telematics technology, but also understand your business. We know that drivers and vehicles sitting idle have a financial impact on your business. Our focus is to provide timely response and resolution so you can get them on the road again.
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Gridline Is The Geotab Reseller That Grows With You

telematics analyticsOur team at Gridline can do more than just integrate, implement, and troubleshoot solutions. We’re your partner in helping your business grow. As your business needs change, count on us to provide the technical support, service, and training you’ll need to keep your systems—and your team—ready for whatever the future may bring.

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Let Gridline help you extend the value of Geotab for your fleet and put it to work helping your business thrive.