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Supercharge Your Telematics Data with Gridline Analytics

Telematics information overload is a real issue.

Gridline Analytics combines your data into a centralized platform for a comprehensive view of your most important business aspects.

Gridline Geotab Authorized Reseller

Easily Compare Location, Driver, and Fleet Data

Driver & Location Performance

Analyze Idle, MPG, HOS, and dash cam safety events.

Trendlines & Performance

Identify changes in performance over long periods.


Targeted Safety and HOS training to identify historical success or failures.

National Average/Goal

Benchmark vehicle and driver performance for goal setting.


MPG, critical engine events, eDVIR by year, make, model, and application.

The Data Relationship

Information management is the future of telematics. Effortlessly analyze key vehicle and driver data, including:

Uncover Hidden Patterns in Your Fleet Data

The most important aspect of telematics is turning insights into actions. Excel or dashboards alone lack perspective. Gridline Analytics analyzes vast amounts of historical data, uncovering hidden patterns and correlations to drive your business forward. Go a step further by normalizing data per 100 miles for the most accurate analysis.

Gridline Analytics+Geotab

Make Data-Informed Decisions

Gridline Analytics with Geotab is a strategic decision-making tool for tomorrow that gives you the insights you need to increase your company’s safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Driver Performance

Vehicle Performance

Return on Investment

Stay One Step Ahead with HOS Protect

Parties suing transportation companies that use ELD certainly realize that ELD data may prove damaging in court.

Gridline HOS Protect helps you stay one step ahead of the plaintiffs by documenting your actions electronically and storing data based on regulatory timeframes to easily protect your company in the event of a lawsuit.

Gridline HOS Protect and HOS Compliance Software

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Gridline has become our one-stop solution provider for anything that has to do with Fleet Telematics Data.
Right away, we were impressed with Gridline’s versatility and the breadth of their offering. They’re unique in that they provide a vertically integrated platform that lets you connect with multiple providers, such as asset tracking, compliance, and dash cams.

Turn your fleet data into profitable actions

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