Plan your path forward with Gridline’s telematics analytics

Gridline Analytics helps you make sense out of big data so you can better guide your fleet operation with strategic decision making. Other GPS or telematics solutions only offer a tactical analysis of what happened yesterday or the week before. Gridline Analytics is a strategic telematics analytics decision-making tool that delivers the insightful analysis you need to plan your company’s future.

Look at your data from a fresh perspective

telematics analyticsYour business needs the benefits of telematics analytics. Gridline Analytics helps you make sense of your telematics big data, letting you look at it from fresh perspectives to gain insightful analysis in support of your most important business decisions.

Most GPS solutions can’t offer anything more than a straightforward analysis of what has already happened—information that arrives too late for you to change your course.

Gridline Analytics is a strategic decision-making tool for tomorrow that gives you the insights you need to increase your company’s safety, efficiency, and profitability.

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Uncover valuable insights

telematics analyticsGridline Analytics analyzes vast amounts of historical information to uncover previously hidden patterns and correlations in your data. These are insights you would otherwise miss using typical analytical tools.

With Gridline Analytics, you can easily compare:

  • MPG by manufacturer. By analyzing MPG by year, make, model, type, and driver, you can determine which manufacturer offers the best overall performance.
  • How you analyze MPG. Get the telematics analytics data you need to compare driver and vehicle MPG.
  • Critical engine alerts. Determine which manufacturers have the most alerts—and then develop your strategy for minimizing these costly disruptions. You can analyze these events by year, make, model, and type.
  • Safety plans. Compare driver safety data across years as you create your plan for the coming year.
  • Mileage and idle analytics. Having this data at your fingertips enables you to make the most efficient use of your fleet.
  • Hours of service (HOS) and driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR) data. Spot emerging trends in these key areas.
  • Trendline analysis. See what you’re doing better and where your biggest opportunities for improvement lie.
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An integrated scorecard aggregates data in one place

telematics analyticsAvoid wasting time toggling between systems and dumping data into spreadsheets for analysis. Gridline Analytics lets you work with all your telematics analytics data from different systems in one place. Using a built-in integrated scorecard, you can combine data (such as idle and MPG) from Geotab telematics as well as from a Lytx camera and driver safety system.

Develop a cohesive view of driver and fleet performance. Gridline Analytics can bring together data from Geotab plus other systems so that you won’t have to log onto multiple applications to get a comprehensive perspective on your overall driver and vehicle performance. You can easily combine Geotab’s core safety, utilization, and efficiency data with more robust risk data from camera systems such as Lytx. Gridline also combines driver productivity metrics so that you can compare actual performance against your plan.

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Find out how Gridline Analytics can improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of your entire fleet.