Gridline’s fleet telematics solutions put you in the driver’s seat

Get more from your investment in fleet telematics and make better business decisions for your fleet. Other solutions burden you with a confusing pile of data. Gridline provides exceptional business intelligence so that you can make better decisions. We also guide you on how best to interpret and act on the information. With Gridline doing the heavy lifting, you can focus on your core business.

Get More Value with Fleet Telematics Managed Services

fleet telematicsGet ongoing strategic guidance from industry experts who are dedicated to the success of your business. Gridline’s fleet telematics managed services enable you to maximize the value of your fleet telematics program. Whether our team is refining your reports, benchmarking your competition, or simply ensuring that you’re asking the right questions, they enhance the effectiveness of telematics for your organization.

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Geotab Products and Gridline Expertise: A Fleet Telematics Power Duo

fleet telematicsGridline combines Geotab’s powerful telematics products with our own expertise in analytics to provide fleet telematics solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our managed services enable you to get the most out of Geotab’s fleet management products.

With our Fleet Telematics Managed Services, customers gain additional value from:

  • Advanced vehicle administration
  • Geocode auditing and management
  • Project based ad hoc data analysis
  • Safety program management
  • Non-Reporting Unit (NRU) and RMA program management
  • Advanced custom reports and dashboards
  • Spares management program
  • API development
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Boost Profits with Last Mile Analytics

fleet telematicsGridline Last Mile Analytics helps product distributors elevate the performance of their logistics operations. We provide a full suite of dashboards and metrics to help ensure your standard routes are as efficient and profitable as possible. Our KPIs cover geocode accuracy, service time, time windows, and stop sequence, along with route miles and time.

With Gridline Last Mile Analytics, you can easily compare plan versus actual for:

  • Geocode accuracy
  • Stop sequence compliance
  • Service time
  • Total route time
  • Total route distance
  • Time window compliance
  • Cost per stop
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Optimize Your Route Planning With Data Analysis

fleet telematicsGet the strategic guidance you need to keep your route planning systems running optimally. Gridline offers services for implementing routing software, refining routing processes and procedures, and maintaining data accuracy in your logistics systems. These services can enhance the value of all your last mile initiatives.

As your business evolves, you can get ongoing support to address challenges such as:

  • Ensuring customer accounts have accurate geocodes for data capture.
  • Updating service times.
  • Updating customer accounts for service frequency.
  • Updating systems based on customer time window changes.
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Inform Strategic Decisions with Fleet Telematics Analytics

fleet telematics

Make sense out of your big data. While typical GPS solutions offer only a tactical analysis of what happened yesterday, Gridline Analytics is a more strategic decision-making tool that offers insightful analysis. Our fleet telematics tools enable you to leverage yesterday’s data so that you can make more informed decisions about tomorrow.

Gridline Analytics analyzes large amounts of historical information to uncover hidden patterns and correlations. We empower you to make more educated decisions about your business—leading to improvements in safety, efficiency, and profitability.

With Gridline Analytics, you can easily compare:

  • MPG by manufacturer
  • Driver and vehicle MPG analysis
  • Critical engine alerts
  • Safety plans
  • Mileage and idle analytics
  • HOS and DVIR data
  • Trendline analysis
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Find out how Gridline’s fleet telematics solutions can help you make more profitable decisions for your entire fleet.