Drive Greater Profits With Gridline Last Mile Route Analytics

You’ve planned your delivery business carefully. Now, get the help you need analyzing how profitable your plan is and how effectively your drivers executed it. Most GPS and telematics products track dots on a map but can’t deliver the data you need to optimize your distribution business. Gridline Last Mile route analytics software exposes route execution issues and processes to help you improve your delivery operations performance.

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Measure Your Plan Versus Actual Data So You Can Manage Your Success

route analyticsMaking decisions based on bad data won’t improve your business. Gridline Last Mile automates geocode data, enabling you to identify the reasons behind inefficient routes, late arrivals, and long deliveries so that you can make realistic promises, satisfy customers, and enhance your profitability. You can:

  • Measure the historical “actual” time it takes to service your customers.
  • Analyze historical product order metrics related to service times and frequency.
  • Automate truck assignments to routes.
  • Collect arrival and departure times without driver involvement.
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Route Analytics Removes Obstacles to Greater Profitability

route analyticsGet the data you need to make better business decisions based on what’s actually happening during your deliveries. By interacting with the telematics or GPS systems in your vehicles, Gridline route analytics software automatically captures time windows, service times, and geocode arrival and departure. From there, you can compare where your people are to where they’re supposed to be—and address your organization’s biggest obstacles to greater profitability.

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Enhance Driver Performance

route analyticsAvoid cost overruns by identifying the most wasteful routes your drivers are taking. With Gridline Last Mile, you can:

  • Coach your drivers on how to adhere to route plans and meet time windows safely.
  • Gamify your drivers’ activity and reward the drivers who perform well.
  • Eliminate any excuses that routes can’t be completed as planned.
  • Increase the overall efficiency of your transportation activity.
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Form a 360-Degree View of Customers

route analyticsWho are your best customers? What’s the optimal service frequency for each customer? Are you delivering at the right time of day? Gridline Last Mile route analytics software gives you a 360-degree view of your customers so that you can see how they’re growing and changing—and analyze your profitability from each account. You can easily determine each customer’s volume, asset mix, and effectiveness.

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Find out how Gridline Last Mile can transform decision-making and drive your business towards greater profits.