Maximize fleet productivity and improve performance of your drivers

Take a well-informed look at the performance of your fleet and drivers to increase fleet productivity. With Gridline, you can monitor real-time activity 24/7 to minimize unplanned activity and measure overall employee performance. Active monitoring prevents unauthorized stops—increasing fleet productivity by at least 10%.

Get Answers Quickly

  • Where are my assets?
  • How much time are we spending with customers?
  • What route did drivers follow to complete their day?
  • When did drivers begin and end their day?
  • How can I support my drivers?
  • Which vehicles stopped at non-customer locations?
  • How does current traffic impact our routes?

See Real-Time Reporting

  • Customer service time report
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Real time dispatch and “nearest to” functionality
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Locate all your assets in real time

fleet productivityPinpoint the location of all your valuable fleet assets—whether they’re on the road or off. With Gridline, you can use GPS tracking to easily locate and recover all your equipment. Work in any conditions—even outdoors and in harsh weather—with rugged solutions that offer long battery life. For companies that want to be free from batteries, Gridline also offers solar asset trackers.

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Optimize your fleet’s routes

fleet productivityYour vehicles may make deliveries or provide services at multiple points throughout the day. With Gridline you can easily plan routes that contain a series of stops, with a mind for maximizing fleet productivity. Once your routes are established, you can measure your drivers’ compliance as well as their total time from beginning to end.

How efficiently are you serving your customers? By using accurate geocodes, you can automatically capture activity at each customer stop, including exact arrival and departure times. This gives you a realistic view of how long you’re actually spending servicing each account.

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Reduce fuel costs

fleet productivityIncrease your fleet productivity in terms of fuel usage. With Gridline, you can track fuel consumption and behaviors such as idling that impact fuel efficiency. By measuring MPG by vehicle as well as by driver, you can begin to identify your biggest opportunities to reduce overall fuel costs. And by integrating fuel card data, you can determine any potential fuel loss issues.

With Gridline, you can easily compare:

  • Which manufacturers get the best MPG?
    (Analyze MPG by year, make, model, type, and driver)
  • Driver MPG versus vehicle MPG
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Control maintenance and repair costs

fleet productivityAvoid costly repairs by detecting engine issues early. Gridline helps you prevent vehicle wear and tear by scheduling maintenance based on actual use and performance. Automated alerts keep your fleet personnel informed, so that they can take proactive steps to prevent catastrophic engine failure events.

What are your repair and maintenance costs per mile? Gridline’s analytics combined with your telematics can give you the answers. With these insights, you can:

  • Maximize engine health.
  • Identify fuel economy faults.
  • Make proactive repairs and plan maintenance.
  • Diagnose issues accurately and streamline parts and service.
  • Increase vehicle uptime and prevent roadside breakdowns.
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See how Gridline’s fleet productivity solution helps you maximize fleet productivity for a better bottom line.