Gridline Fleet Cameras

Fleet Dash Cams:
Enhance Safety & Efficiency with Video Telematics

Fleet Dash Cams:
Enhance Safety & Efficiency with Video Telematics

Fleet dash cams and video telematics are essential for enhancing driver safety, exonerating your drivers, minimizing accidents, and safeguarding your business from costly claims.

Improve your fleet safety initiative by monitoring driver behavior, recognizing positive driving, enhancing coaching opportunities and safety programs, and keeping record with video evidence.

Reward Good Driving

Recognize Drivers When They Do the Right Thing

Dash cams can now leverage psychology and a science-based approach to reinforce positive behaviors for drivers while they are out on the road.

More highly evolved camera technology available in today’s market allows fleets to be proactive in their approach to building a culture around safe driving habits — and move away from reactionary programs that only engage drivers when they’ve erred or received a citation.

Data Integration with Gridline

Integrate Seamlessly with Gridline Analytics

Gridline will help you select and implement a fleet dash cams system seamlessly integrated with our telematics platform. Our experts will help you choose the type of dash cam that fits the needs of your company and best suits your business goals. This will provide you with the most complete view of your fleet data but will be easy to install and even easier to use.

Learn more about leading dash cam solutions we integrate with below.


Overview of Fleet Dash Cams

Leverage Fleet Dash Cams to Correct Risky Driving

When you implement fleet dash cams, you get a complete view of driver routes, road conditions, and driver behavior to help identify driver distraction and unsafe situations both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Dash cams and video telematics solutions with AI technology can provide in-cab audio alerts to risky driving while providing supervisors with live-stream footage from road-facing and in-cab cameras.


Lowering Insurance Costs

Get a Clearer View for Insurance Claims and Disputes

In collision events, video telematics provide more information to identify the who, what, where, when, and why.

Fleet dash cams enhance the context of the incident narrative by overlaying vehicle data and driving data onto video evidence, in real-time. Your claims process benefits from:

Reduce Accidents

Reduce Collisions with AI Dash Cam Solutions

Dash cams offer more than just keeping you continuously connected to drivers in your fleet and accurately tracking their performance.

Fleet dash cam solutions with AI and machine learning can predict an imminent collision and send in-cab audio alerts to drivers, giving them time to react to avoid a crash—improving driver safety and protecting your fleet assets.

reduce collisions with fleet dash cams

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Gridline has become our one-stop solution provider for anything that has to do with Fleet Telematics Data.
Right away, we were impressed with Gridline’s versatility and the breadth of their offering. They’re unique in that they provide a vertically integrated platform that lets you connect with multiple providers, such as asset tracking, compliance, and dash cams.

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