Enhance Fleet Safety with a Netradyne Dash Cam Solution

Netradyne’s vision-based Driver-i® safety camera system uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing technology to help you enforce safe driving standards across your fleet. With this Netradyne dash cam solution, you can increase awareness of risky driving and reward good driving decisions, leading to fewer driving incidents and greater protection against false claims.

Encourage, Engage, and Retain drivers

netradyne dash camAs your drivers operate, Driver-i captures and highlights their safest driving events, called DriverStars. Each DriverStar adds points to the driver’s GreenZone® score. The Driver-i mobile app continually compares the GreenZone score to fleet average and tells your drivers when they hit key milestones. Using GreenZone scores, you can easily plan and execute a driver reward system of prizes or bonuses.

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Get the Complete Picture on Every Route

netradyne dash camThe Driver-i Netradyne dash cam has 360 degree vision, and the highest definition on the market to give you clear visibility into key details such as license plates. Unlike most other cameras, Driver-i’s highly accurate AI recognizes objects such as speed limit signs, stop lights, stop signs, and pedestrians. Because Driver-i captures and analyzes 100% of drive time, you get a complete, accurate picture of how each driver is performing.

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Provide Tailored Coaching—Automatically

netradyne dash camDriver-i categorizes all driving as good or mildly, moderately or severely risky. Driver-i automatically delivers coaching that explains exactly how drivers can improve their habits. Drivers can self-coach by reviewing each of their events and following suggestions to increase their GreenZone scores. To protect you in case of litigation, Driver-i provides proof of training.

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Build a Seamless Fleet Safety Management Process

netradyne dash camDriver-i integrates with myGeotab software to give you best-in-class fleet operations and safety management through a single interface. Your fleet managers can maintain a comprehensive view of drivers’ activity, including real-time notifications of positive driving habits and best practices. Gridline enhances the value for our customers by bringing together data sets from both the Netradyne dash cam and Geotab into a more comprehensive view. Gridline Analytics creates a single integrated dashboard to give you an accurate story about overall driver performance.

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