Get a Clear Vision of Your Fleet Operation with Video Telematics

Video Telematics

Have you already considered installing a video telematics system? To be blunt: you should. If you don’t, you could actually be exposing your company to unnecessary financial and legal risk. That’s the reason more and more corporate fleets are implementing video telematics systems to monitor their drivers’ safety performance throughout the day.

Why Consider Video Telematics?

If you’re already using dash cams to some extent, you may be wondering why you should now invest in a full video telematics system. It’s all about layers of protection for your business.

In the event of an accident, a simple dash cam may help you prove that your driver actually didn’t cross the lane line or run a red light. A video telematics system goes much further. It can give you video input from several cameras placed around your truck, not just one. It can capture video footage of your driver as well as the road. It can also transmit detailed real-time data on the location, speed, and behavior of your vehicles.

Think of what this could mean after an accident. With video telematics, you’re notified instantly of a crash, so that even before fault has been established, your company can immediately begin investigating and demonstrate that you are not trying to avoid responsibility.

Because the telematics system transmits video footage and data over a cellular network, you can immediately watch video of the incident from your corporate office and begin to determine what actually happened. You can also share this information as needed with your stakeholders. Together, you can get a head start on how to communicate with your own driver, the drivers of other vehicles involved, law enforcement, and legal teams. Being able to respond this quickly could spare your company from much unnecessary risk.

How Video Telematics Can Prevent Accidents

Your telematics system won’t just protect your company after an accident has occurred. It can also help you prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Many accidents are caused by distracted driving—and we live in an age of distractions. So it’s no exaggeration to say that video telematics systems are now more needed than ever.

Consider these sobering facts from video telematics provider Lytx:

  • Multitasking while driving doubles the risk of collision.
  • Taking your eyes off the road for five seconds at 55 miles per hour is like driving the length of a football field while blindfolded.
  • Collision risk increases by seven times when a driver reaches for a device and is twenty-three times greater while a driver is texting.

How can you know when your drivers are distracted? It’s easy with a video telematics system that lets you monitor driver behavior. After reviewing the video data, you can provide coaching that helps prevent risky behavior and the crashes it causes.

Your Next Step Towards Perfect Vision

If you’re not already thinking about implementing a video telematics solution, you’re definitely falling behind. The safety and liability benefits alone make any good system worth the investment. And as we’ve outlined, putting a system in place now can help you run your entire operation more efficiently now and into the future.

We at Gridline love to talk video and are eager to help you achieve your goals. To begin exploring your options, please schedule a call with us today.