Increase Utilization with This Fleet Asset Monitoring Solution

fleet asset monitoring

There are many benefits to using Geotab technology to manage your fleet. One definite plus is the ease with which you can connect to Geotab’s ecosystem of powerful technology partners.

A good example is Phillips Connect, a well-established company that can help you enhance your fleet asset monitoring capabilities. Phillips Connect offers robust, expandable fleet asset tracking solutions backed by more than 80 years of experience in the commercial transportation industry. Whether you are tracking trailers or off-road equipment, Phillips solutions enable fleet managers and operations personnel to collect data on location and asset health as well as fleet productivity.

Such powerful solutions should require weeks to set up—but they don’t. Customers can deploy Phillips Connect solutions in as little as five minutes from a mobile device. From there, they can begin using predictive technology to identify small issues before they become big problems. Phillips Connect systems help reduce fuel costs, improve driver retention, and increase ROI.

Five Ways Fleet Asset Monitoring Can Enhance Your Performance

Any firm that manages heavy trucks and trailers knows the frustration of not being able to tell exactly where assets are at any given moment. It’s a situation that frustrates drivers and wastes your staff’s time looking for assets. Worst of all, missing assets can’t be put to profitable use.

Phillips Connect’s fleet asset monitoring solutions are designed to increase your utilization rates so that you can get the greatest possible return on your investment in trucks and trailers. With Phillips Connect solutions, you can:

  • Get robust reporting and analysis on the location and utilization of your assets.
  • Use powerful business intelligence tools to make better decisions that enhance your bottom line.
  • Optimize your predictive and prescriptive maintenance programs.
  • Reduce your capital expenditures by getting more out of the assets you already have.
  • Install and deploy in less than 15 minutes for all solutions.

Once you explore the capabilities of Phillips Connect’s solutions, you’ll probably find specific functionality that’s ideal for the type of business you run. For example, the company provides temperature tracking capabilities that enable fleet managers to prove their trailers maintained an appropriate temperature for food throughout the entire journey. Phillips Connect also meets the needs of companies that have off-road assets, whether these assets are powered or unpowered. Based on the fleet asset monitoring information they get from the field, these companies can begin to determine which assets are yielding the greatest ROI—and which are too expensive to keep in the fleet.

More About How to Increase Fleet Productivity

When you have real-time GPS fleet asset monitoring capabilities, you can eliminate many of the costly delays around managing a fleet. You can then take your analysis up another level by bringing your data into Gridline Analytics.

Gridline Analytics helps you make sense out of your fleet asset monitoring data so that you can identify trends, formulate strategies, and make decisions that drive lasting improvements in your business. For example, after bringing your Phillips Connect data into Gridline, you might determine that trailer utilization in your Northeast region is declining slightly while it is increasing in the South by the same rate. You could then redeploy your trailers to increase utilization—and profits.

We at Gridline would love to help your business think bigger and do more. Get started by finding out how to increase fleet productivity.