Fleet Customer Support: Why Gridline Excels at a Lost Art

fleet customer support

What do you do when you have problems with one of the many software platforms you use to manage your business? Most solution providers aim to minimize calls to their support teams by providing extensive online knowledgebases of technical information. But if you’ve ever tried to use one of these resources, you know that it can be challenging to find the exact information you need. You may spend an hour typing in different variations of your search, striving to describe your exact problem so that the knowledgebase will surface an article that contains the solution.

If you do call the customer support number, your experience may not be much better. With some companies there is someone to answer your call, but these people may be on another continent and not very familiar with the software or language. Just communicating your problem to them may take some effort.

Gridline is different. In an age when companies increasingly see support as an overhead expense rather than an opportunity to deliver value, Gridline believes in the lost art of fleet customer support.

All Gridline customers receive 24×7 support. Whether you’re a startup company or a multinational enterprise, we’re here to help you.

Here’s what we offer and how we deliver it.

Local support technicians provide attentive service

Gridline customers who need fleet customer support can reach out to us by email, phone, or through our website. No matter which channel they choose, their initial contact will create a support ticket in Salesforce. We’ll then update that ticket as we work towards a timely resolution for the customer.

All of our fleet customer support staff are Gridline employees. We’ll never outsource an issue to an overseas call center—we’ll address it ourselves. If a driver is having an issue and calls Gridline, they won’t be routed to Ireland. They’ll speak with our U.S.-based support staff.

Gridline’s support team has worked with Fortune 100 companies, but we always have time for even one driver from a small transportation company. Our goal is to partner with you to keep your business running optimally.

How we handle the toughest support tickets

Once the Gridline fleet customer support team has completed a customer support interaction, the customer will receive a brief survey that asks them to rate our service on this issue as Excellent, Good, or Poor. Customers also have space to leave specific comments about the experience.

We’re delighted to receive Excellent and Good ratings—and 99 percent of our reviews fall into one of these categories. But we take our Poor ratings the most seriously. All of our Poor reviews are routed automatically to our Customer Success Specialist, who calls these customers – whether they are drivers, supervisors, or managers – every week to personally discuss what happened with their support ticket. We undertake this measure with the primary objective of safeguarding the interests of our customers and buyers. Our actions not only contribute to the reputation of decision-makers but also ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders.

These conversations also help us to resolve some of the most challenging support tickets. They enable us to clear up simple misunderstandings that may have contributed to the Poor rating. By speaking directly with the customers who have constructive feedback, we get the insights we need to tailor our services to be even more customer-friendly in the future.

Explore Gridline’s support services

Gridline fleet customer support offers more than just technical support for when your system stops working. In addition to 24×7×365 support, we also deliver advanced technical support, reporting services, customer success services, implementation services, development services, and training. This is the Gridline full service value team.

In an age when many software providers are scaling back their support services to contain costs, Gridline sees better support as the way forward for our industry. We put this philosophy into practice by offering managed services for maximum value. And we know we’re doing something right because one of the largest fleets in the United States named us their 2017 Supplier of the Year.

If you’re already a Gridline customer, you can access our fleet customer support online. If not, schedule a call to learn more about partnering with Gridline.