Resolve Your OTR Trucking Challenges with a Telematics Solution

Telematics Solution

In today’s business environment, many OTR trucking companies are struggling to find qualified drivers, keep them around with competitive pay and benefits, and deploy them in ways that won’t violate hours of service (HOS) regulations. If your company is wrestling with challenges like these, consider leveraging the advantages offered by a telematics solution. Telematics analytics can give you a better view of what’s really happening in your fleet operation so that you can make decisions that lead to a more profitable future.

Motivate, Reward, and Retain Top Drivers

If you’re concerned about having enough drivers to run your routes, your top priority should be driver retention. Everyone is struggling to attract new talent. But if you lose the best drivers you already have, they’ll probably end up with your rivals—essentially striking two blows against your competitiveness.

Your drivers will be more likely to stick around if you give them clear objectives to work towards—and if you recognize their constant improvement by implementing a rewards program. A telematics solution can help you do this.

For example, you can use analytics applications that build on the data collected by your telematics solution to give you deeper insights into your operations. Using telematics analytics, you can get a cohesive view of driver and vehicle performance, which you can then compare month-to-month or year-over-year. Analytics can integrate data from telematics as well as other data sources, such as video and CSA scores, to create a comprehensive view of driver performance. You can then zero in on areas for potential improvement across your fleet, identify your best drivers, and reward their performance.

Based on these insights, companies increase their potential for saving money on mileage-related inefficiencies such as wasted fuel while reducing liability created by driver risk, and can build bonus incentive programs to motivate and reward driver performance. Drivers understand the key metrics and required performance to qualify for company bonuses. It creates a real win win. Drivers engage more with their job and perform better, your company improves its bottom line, and your drivers are motivated to stick around.

Stay Ahead of Complex Regulations

In June of 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) finally revised four provisions of the hours of service (HOS) regulations. These revisions were designed to provide greater flexibility for drivers without adversely affecting safety. Since then, OTR trucking operations have had to adjust to the increased complexity of HOS regulations.

A telematics solution and telematics analytics can help you track and manage your driver compliance more carefully without the headache of creating extra work for your staff. For example, telematics analytics can easily provide you with the HOS and driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR) information you can leverage to identify areas of concern and emerging trends, then take corrective action before your firm ends up in violation of HOS regulations.

Keep Trucks on the Road

Your OTR assets are becoming more sophisticated every year with far more computerized elements than earlier counterparts. This means you can more easily manage and protect the investment you’ve made in your trucks. Here’s another area where a telematics business intelligence solution can help you get more out of your OTR trucking fleet. Your trucks’ computerized systems generate a massive amount of data each day that can feed into your telematics solution. Telematics analytics software allows your operations team the convenience of having one place to log on for all the information they need to monitor and manage your fleet efficiently. It can help you not only troubleshoot non-working equipment, but also continuously apply telematics technology and reporting in ways that answer deeper questions about your business and identify unseen needs.

See how a Telematics Solution and Analytics can brighten your future

The future of your OTR trucking company will only be as bright as you make it. It’s almost impossible to get a clear view of that future without investing in the right telematics solution and the power of telematics analytics.

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