Leverage Delivery Fleet Tracking and Telematics to Improve Your Fleet’s Time Window Compliance

delivery fleet tracking

Our previous blogs have discussed the advantages for distribution companies when they use delivery fleet tracking to analyze their fleet’s service time and mileage data. We’ve seen how leveraging a reliable stream of accurate data from your fleet’s telematics system to analyze delivery performance indicators—commonly referred to as “last mile” metrics—exposes the route execution issues that are costing you time and money. Last Mile analysis helps you to focus on and improve delivery operations to improve your bottom line.

Improve Time Window compliance with Last Mile analysis

Distribution companies need to be able to reliably measure their fleet’s time window performance. Your customers that have scheduled time windows expect deliveries to be made during the scheduled time so they have products needed to in turn service their own customers.

When a driver misses the window, it not only impacts your customer’s operations, it has a negative impact on your business relationship with that customer. And when your customers equate time window compliance with your company’s quality of service—and they are—it ultimately impacts customer satisfaction. Thus, distribution firms need to be able to reliably measure their time window performance.

When you leverage delivery fleet tracking and telematics data, you get more than just seeing which drivers are or aren’t delivering on time. You can also leverage actionable data to inform your route planning system and make adjustments to optimize delivery performance. You may find that a customer is able to take a delivery outside of a specified time window, which may allow you to make more efficient routes . Knowing the facts helps you make changes that increase efficiency and may incrementally lower your costs.

Gridline Last Mile— the Fleet Performance Solution

There’s only one route execution solution that delivers this kind of insight. Gridline Last Mile is designed specifically for product distribution businesses, giving you actionable route performance information to manage your distribution deliveries down to the individual route, driver, or customer. As you know, product distribution companies need to keep a watchful eye on every facet of their fleet operations, where every variance can erode already-slim margins and impact the bottom line. Let us show you how other distributors are using Gridline Last Mile to improve their product delivery performance and increase profitability.
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