Thank You, Truckers: You’ve Kept America Going During COVID-19

thank you truckers

As you read this, most Americans are hunkered down at home, going out only for essentials. How many of them have stopped to think about how those essentials got there?

You, of course, know that it’s through the hard work of our nation’s truckers in companies like many of yours.

Our truckers have had to continue with their daily duties—even though those duties involve speaking with people face-to-face and coming into contact with all kinds of surfaces on which the dreaded virus could be lurking.

We at Gridline aren’t the first to say it, but we want to make sure we say it: thank you, truckers.

Why Truckers Are Under More Pressure Than Ever

You know all too well about the challenges truckers face in their daily duties.

It’s hard to park a big-rig in a crowded parking lot. There’s often a line for a shower at the travel center, and a wait for the laundry machines. Road food is mostly greasy, unhealthy, and monotonous.

But we realize that COVID-19 is presenting your drivers with new challenges–and even threats to their well-being. In a recent Daily Beast article, we learn that many truck stops are out of cleaning supplies at the worst possible time.

No soap and no hand sanitizer in a time of pandemic? What a reminder about how much our truckers are putting themselves out there. 

And with certain critical supplies in high demand, many truckers are picking up extra shifts. In a CBS News article, we learn about one truck driver, a mom, who has stayed out with her truck as long as 24 hours at a time. She reports that she and her colleagues are “running until we can’t see straight in our tracks.”

They’re doing this out of a sense of duty to their fellow citizens. And we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

Please Pass Along Our Message: “Thank You, Truckers!”

We know that you and your company are on the frontlines of transportation in a nation that’s going through unprecedented challenges. And so we at Gridline want to make sure you pass along our message of thanks to your crew. 

Thank you, truckers for everything you do each day to keep America running–especially during this time of crisis. Without your bravery, dedication, and perseverance, our country would come to a grinding halt and more lives would be at risk. We are extremely grateful for your hard work.

Please keep doing what you do best, and know that we’ve got your back.