Gridline has become our one-stop solution provider for anything that has to do with data. They’ve been indispensable in helping us manage our 400 or so mobile and point-of-contact devices in ways that ensure we’ll have the telematics data we need to make strategic decisions.

Roman Gelfand

CIO, Plastic Express

It’s a big step to move to a route analytics provider, but Gridline has made it painless. They answer questions promptly, their troubleshooting is fantastic, and they’re constantly looking for our feedback about how to deploy our features.

Logistics Manager, Top 3 Beverage Distributor

Gridline adds value to our business by delivering rich insights on a wide variety of areas such as vehicle diagnostics, idling times, and crashes. This information enables our internal decision-makers and maintenance providers to make better decisions about how to optimize our fleet in ways that enhance our bottom line.

Paul Walker

Distribution Services Director, RNDC