EV fleet management: Analyze your environmental impact

Measure the value of switching to EVs. Will going electric actually save you money? If so, how much? Determine how your cost structure will change when you add EVs—and understand your total cost of ownership and EV fleet management.

EV fleet management tracks your electric vehicle performance

EV fleet managementGet rich data and insights on the performance of your EVs. Gridline’s EV fleet management solution enables you to track EV performance in real time and see the full charging history for each vehicle. By monitoring energy usage and fuel reductions as your fleet works, you’ll maintain an informed perspective on how your fleet is making progress towards your efficiency targets.

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Make a seamless transition to EV fleet management

EV fleet managementSwitching to EVs can slash your overall roadside emissions. But which EVs are the best fit for your specific business needs? Find out with an EV Suitability Assessment from Gridline. You’ll not only identify the right EVs for your business, but also project how much your company can reduce its carbon footprint by making the switch.

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Reduce fuel consumption and emissions

EV fleet managementYour EV fleet management strategy revolves around reducing fuel consumption and minimizing emissions. Gridline delivers the metrics you need to make continuous improvements. With Gridline’s intuitive fuel efficiency reports, you can easily compare drivers or vehicles in terms of fuel consumption. When your fleet managers notice a spike in fuel costs, they can use side-by-side fuel data to monitor the driving behavior that may be causing it.

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Find out how the Gridline sustainability solution can help you enhance your EV fleet management and shrink your carbon footprint.