Analyze Service Time Data to Improve Your Delivery Fleet Performance

fleet performance

To thrive and survive on the tight margins of product distribution in this evolving business climate, companies need to determine the true costs of their deliveries, keeping a tight rein on their fleet operations. The way to do this is by continuously measuring and analyzing key delivery fleet performance indicators—commonly referred to as “last mile” metrics—including service time, mileage and time windows.

Measure Service Time Efficiency

Let’s take a closer look at the first of these—the amount of time your drivers spend at each delivery location. How can you know if your driver is spending the right amount of time servicing customers compared with the amount of product you are delivering? Knowing the answer can help you prioritize certain customer deliveries over others based on service metrics. Otherwise, you may be allocating costly driver time for relatively little return.

Analyzing the variance in your route plan versus the actual delivery data is key to improving your delivery fleet performance. A sophisticated telematics system will automate the process of tracking arrival and departure times for each of your drivers at every stop by automatically capturing when a truck comes to a stop inside a geofence or begins to move again.

Calibrate Service Time to Profitability

Leveraging this information, you can start looking at your “plan versus actual” data for service times and easily determine your historical average service time per customer. You’ll see patterns and trends, such as service time variations based on season, holidays, and major events. You can see which customers are taking the longest to service relative to the amount of product they’re buying. You can identify your most and least profitable customers—or look across a different dimension to flag your most and least efficient drivers.

When you analyze the “plan versus actual” of your delivery performance, you gain powerful data-informed insight to zero in on anomalies and isolate specific behavior patterns that are hurting your bottom line. From there, you can adjust service times in your routing system or take steps to coach and correct the behavior.

Gridline Last Mile—the “Plan vs Actual” Fleet Performance Solution

There’s only one route execution solution that delivers this kind of insight. Gridline Last Mile is designed specifically for product distribution businesses, giving you actionable route performance information to manage your distribution deliveries down to the individual route, driver, or customer. Let us show you how other distributors are using Gridline Last Mile to improve their product delivery fleet performance and increase profitability. Schedule a time to talk with us.