Lytx dash cam for fleets saves lives and reduces risk

The Lytx dash cam for fleets is cloud-connected, providing you with a faster way to the truth when something goes wrong. To give you an additional layer of protection, Lytx’s latest dash cam technology—the SF300—helps address the increasingly critical issue of distracted driving today.

Enhance your overall driver safety by seeing risk as it occurs

strategic rerouteThe Lytx Video Platform includes the Lytx DriveCam® video event recorder, which goes beyond traditional dash cams by pairing machine vision with artificial intelligence (MV+AI). You can mount the Lytx dash cam for fleets to the windshield of any truck in your fleet. It uses a wide-angle dual lens to share the big picture on the road and in the vehicle. Lytx cameras record video as soon as they’re triggered—whether by a sudden change in motion, such as swerving or collision, or a specific behavior, such as cell phone use. The DriveCam event recorder dash cam can livestream or continually record up to 100 hours of video.

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Driver Safety Program helps reduce your claims costs

mapLytx also offers a Driver Safety Program that uses the world’s largest driving database to improve driver safety and risk detection. With more than 20 years of experience and billions of miles of professionally reviewed driving video, Lytx offers solutions that focus on capturing true risk and delivering reliable results—all while helping you gain operational efficiency. Fleets across all industries have reported impressive results from using the Lytx dash cam for fleets and Driver Safety Program. For example, they have reduced claims costs by up to 80%.

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Innovations to meet your most critical fleet management needs

video registratorAs your fleet management needs evolve, Lytx will continue to innovate. You’ll get the latest in video telematics, comprehensive customer service, and a customizable product portfolio to meet your most critical needs.

When you integrate Lytx with Gridline and Geotab, you get access to valuable benefits, including:

  • Immediate access to video.
  • Integrated MV+AI to categorize risky driving behaviors.
  • Access to proven coaching workflows to change risky behaviors.
  • Comprehensive reporting that includes industry benchmarks, progress towards metrics, and ROI analysis.
  • Professional human review that identifies more than 60 risky driving behaviors.
  • Real-time, in-cab alerts.
  • 24/7 year-round support.
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Gridline advances Lytx even further

mapGridline extends the value for our customers by bringing together the rich data sets from both Lytx and Geotab into strategic integrated views. Gridline Analytics creates a single integrated scorecard so that you can measure the total driver performance of your fleet assets.

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See for yourself how the Lytx dash cam for fleets can help you enhance driver safety across your fleet.