Everything your drivers need in one unified driver workflow app

UNIFY provides transportation and logistics companies with the one driver workflow app they need to rapidly deploy highly customizable fleet and driver management systems that can adapt to meet business needs. You gain maximum control over your drivers’ experience and your fleet’s data in one package. Unify’s one app approach means one installation, one login, one interface—and no redundant data entry.

A collaboration of technologies that provide a complete solution

driver workflow appUNIFY is a collaboration of technologies that address the needs of transportation and logistics companies. Together, they provide a complete solution in a driver workflow app for companies that want to completely replace their traditional telematics or ELD solutions.

Eleos is the backbone of the UNIFY solution. With Eleos, fleet managers can leverage pre-built components to craft a custom mobile app for their fleet drivers, giving them the control they want and the flexibility they need to help improve performance and communications.

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Connect your divers to your dispatch system in real-time workflow

driver workflow appDon’t confine your drivers to the cab. With Eleos, your drivers can enjoy the convenience of accessing your fleet’s workflow app on a company-provided tablet or a personal Apple or Android device. Your drivers can now enjoy the feeling of being directly connected to your dispatch system with real-time workflow. This driver workflow app eliminates the awkward transmission delays that frustrate drivers and slow down the pace of your business.

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Integrate with your TMS system

driver workflow appEleos helps every department and person in your fleet to become more efficient and productive. The benefits don’t stop with your drivers. Every department that interacts with your drivers will benefit from having a fast, reliable driver workflow app that feeds the data you collect in the field to your downstream systems.

Integrate Eleos with your TMS system to extend dispatch information to the driver in the cab. Supported TMS environments include TMW, McLeod, and other leading platforms.

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Find out how UNIFY can bring together the best fleet management solutions and services for your business.