VideoProtects: Enhance Your Fleet Safety Program with Video Telematics

VideoProtects Video Monitoring Service helps you enhance your fleet safety program by offering insight into risky and distracted driving. Using road-facing, driver-facing cameras, and artificial intelligence (AI), VideoProtects delivers the video alerts and communication you need to take control of every situation your fleet encounters.

Alert Your Drivers of Dangers in Real Time

video telematicsThe VP220D dual-facing dash camera features a built-in AI processor that detects, assesses, and warns your drivers of impending hazards and distracted driving in real time. A road-facing camera detects action up ahead and alerts your driver to help prevent collisions. Meanwhile, a driver-facing camera detects fatigue, cell phone use, and other distracted driving behaviors such as not watching the road. The VP220D alerts the driver immediately of dangerous behaviors and uploads events to the VideoProtects® Video Monitoring solution as part of the myGeotab experience.

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Coach Your Drivers While They’re on the Road

video telematicsThe VideoProtects video telematics solution features a review workflow that lets your fleet safety managers push scored video events directly to your drivers. You can set up near real-time driver review and coaching simply by installing a smartphone app. By providing critical feedback as your drivers are en route, you can dramatically improve their performance and eliminate the riskiest driving behaviors before they cause an incident.

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Review Video Events and Reduce Traffic Risks

video telematicsOnce the VP220D camera has uploaded events to your myGeotab experience, your fleet managers can easily review videos, score the severity of each event, and coach your drivers to reduce traffic risks. VideoProtects simplifies your video telematics and saves time for your fleet managers by using a proprietary algorithm to reduce false positives. Your fleet managers remain in control of the review process, using built-in choices and recommendations to take the corrective actions that will have the greatest effect on fleet safety.

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Protect Your Business from Wrongful Lawsuits

video telematicsThe VideoProtects Court Reporter provides a complete audit trail of every action taken with each video record. You’ll always know who has reviewed or downloaded any file. When you combine Court Reporter information with real-time video footage, you could exonerate your driver and your business—avoiding costly settlements and dramatically reducing lawyer fees if you have been wrongfully sued for an accident.

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